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Dystopian Novels

by Admin

Real men read books.  This is just the truth.  Books get into more detail than any movie ever could.  Characters are developed, plots are twisted, and stories are told.   Today I want to shed a little light on one niche of literature that is interesting. By definition a dystopia is the opposite of a utopia.  […]

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Historical Bad@ss – Sir Francis Drake

by Keith

Spanish King Ferdinand II called him “El Draque.” Others spoke of “Francis the Dragon.” Born a British farmer’s son in 1544, Francis Drake rose to infamy by age 23. At 36 he cemented his name among history’s immortals. It was said of Drake that “people of quality dislike him for having risen so high from […]

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The Battle of Thermopylae

by Admin

Today we have a little history lesson.  Most men out there have come across the movie 300.  The movie was generally accepted as a pretty good action flick.  It is all based around the Battle of Thermopylae, at which 300 Spartans took on a HUGE number of Persian soldiers.  This makes it’s way onto the […]

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