Get rid of all your useless stuff

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Useless Stuff

A “guy named dave” has a great idea.  In summary, he tells us to get rid of all our shit keeping only what we really need.  The idea: Limit yourself to only 100 possessions.  A pair of jeans is 1 item, a toothbrush 2, a pair of shoes 3, a polo shirt 4, t-shirt 5.  You can see how this would add up quickly, especially with clothing.  Have an Xbox with 10 games, 2 controllers, a hard drive…that is 13 items.  You can group a few things, meaning a few items can be grouped and count as only 1 item…socks & underwear count as 1 item, if you have a small tool set (hammer, screwdrivers, and a few others) put them in a small case and we’ll call it one item, your plates/bowls/forks/knives count as one…however, you should sort through these items and get rid of the unnecessary things.

Maybe due to your job or current life situation, it is almost impossible to get all the way down to 100 items, but follow the spirit of the challenge.  Eliminate everything you can.  We don’t need a lot of the shit we keep around.  Let’s stop buying things, give away the things we have and don’t need.

Check out the 100 things challenge:

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